FLOW - Veo Veo (I spy with my little eye)

Flow, the streaming service of the Personal brand, renews its image and with regard to this change, it generates a campaign aimed at connecting with the public through a traditional game that appeals to nostalgia and shows us that everything we see can be associated with some content that you can find in Flow.

For this work, we teamed up with the Don Agency, who entrusted us with the responsibility of bringing these illustrations to life for Flow.

Each color chosen to be part of this viral slogan had to have a graphic representation of a character from a series or movie, a fundamental element for the plot... a sword, a shield, the infinity gauntlet, a classic car, an iconic garment.

After a search for references in different illustration languages, we define the perfect style, an intermediate between comic language and a realistic illustration. But above all the consistency of the language was essential, so that it forms part of the Flow campaign and is not perceived as an image alien to its brand universe.
Movies & TV Series - Yellow illustrations.
Movies & TV Series - Green illustrations.
Movies & TV Series - Violet illustrations.
Flow animated illustrations on TV.
Masterpiece by Disruptive Brand Agency

Thank You.
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