I'm proud to share my process and methodology for the children's book project, "The Smelly Secret of Powdles." I had the pleasure of contributing to various stages of the project, including concept creation, character and scene design, storyboard and sketches, final digital illustration, and editorial design.

Character Design

During this stage, I am exploring the main character, Little Glaring Tubes, by outlining various options for his appearance, expressions, and behavior. I am considering both simple and complex options based on descriptions.

Based on my analysis, I recommend the final version of Little Tubes' morphology, which is unique in shape, distinct from any geometric figure, and complex enough to develop a scene by itself.

However, the original description raises some questions. For instance, it suggests that the tubes need to use a cushion to levitate, which may not align with the logic of robotics. Instead, I propose adding a more human element, such as a fun pack, to make the character relatable and youthful.

Style and language of illustration

The language plays a crucial role in making the book unique and giving it a distinct voice. Various identity elements such as color schemes, patterns, and line styles, define the atmosphere of the book.

Storyboard and scene sketches

In this stage of the process, the scene system is defined, characters, elements and backgrounds. Each of them must effectively communicate the narrative of the story, and the entire system must complement each other without being repetitive.

Final Illustrations

Every illustration in the book is a unique piece of communication and shares an identity system with the rest. I apply the previously defined style, color palette, line and its effects, to ensure each illustration reaches its full complexity.

Editorial Design and Presentation

Once designs, illustrations and scene sketches are approved, i proceed to create the final designs. This includes selecting the appropriate typography and page layout, followed by creating mockups of each double page.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy every illustration in the book. Thank you for watching and sharing.
Concept, design character and illustrations: TheCostilla
Author: Michael Gow (Text & Story). 
Editorial: Taghta Independent Publishers.

All the illustrations on this site are duly copyrighted. Its reproduction without authorization is expressly prohibited.
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